Audrey Zuloaga shreds in Arizona

Congratulation for Audrey for 3rd place at the Winter National in Surprise, Arizona.

Coming into the Winter Nationals was probably more exciting than any other national because I was able to race down the 3 story SX hill and SX first straight. It is a lot more fun than racing down a regular ABA national starting hill. That was my first time actually getting to race on the big SX hill and doing as good as I did, I was proud of myself. Even though I hurt my ankle on the first day of racing, I did not stop. I got it wrapped and kept riding like nothing was wrong and placed a 4th on Saturday. Sunday came along, and my ankle was a little sore but I was so determined to get on top of the podium. Third round I hurt my ankle even worse, but knowing I was qualified for the main there was not one thing stopping me from racing it. My mom didn’t want me racing the main event, but I did anyways. I went down to the paramedics and got my ankle wrapped a bit more, and I was off to the main event race. I got on top of the podium like I wanted, right behind Brooke Crain and Dani George. Perseverance is the key to success!!

Here are some pictures from the race.

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