Welcome Vinny Moreira To The UGP BMX Team!!!

We want to welcome brazilian bmx racer Vinny Moreira to the UGP team!!! Vinny has just come back home from racing in the UCI BMX World Championships. Vinny won all his heats in the Men’s Elite Masters (30+) category and was leading the main till he took a hard crash on the last jump of the course and had to be taken to the hospital. Vinny suffered four broken ribs and a cracked hip. He is doing well now and is expected to make a speedy recovery. Here are some pictures of Vinny Moreira during his trip to brazil.

Vinny 4Vinny 3Vinny 5VinnyVinny 6Vinny 13Vinny 2Vinny 7Vinny 8Vinny 9Vinny 10Vinny 11Vinny 12

2 Responses to “Welcome Vinny Moreira To The UGP BMX Team!!!”

  1. Hard Core says:

    Vinny is a old-school rider, but he ride like a new-school rider

  2. Vinny says:

    Thanks man!! We need keep up with this new tracks :)

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