Dan Sieg checking in

So it’s been a hectic summer for me. So hectic in fact I haven’t had much time to sit down and document it all. I thought that since I missed the first stop of Dew Tour due to my back injury that it might be a boring time the rest of the season. Far from the case. First things first… I am happy to say I have made a full recovery from not one but two blown out discs in my lower back. After months of being bed ridden, thousands of dollars out of my own pocket, and basically all hope lost… I managed to find a book on amazon.com called Healing Back Pain: The Mind Body Connection. I highly recommend it to anyone suffering from any sort of ailment, not just back issues. It’s an excellent read and basically saved my life as far as BMX is concerned. If you have any questions… get up with me and I’ll be glad to share my story in further depth. Amazing.

So with a healthy body on my side I took to the road and have been non stop since June. First stop was another NYC trip and hanging out with plush accommodations on Central Park. We had some good times up there but not much as far as riding is concerned. Got to check out the new Yankee Stadium and we attempted to buy tickets off some scalpers… didn’t work out too well. We ended up not getting in and took the subway back to Manhattan empty handed. Oh well. From there I made it back home to northern Wisconsin again for some family time on the 4th. 4 wheelers and dirt jumps. Built some stuff and rode a bit… ended up being a great few jumps but no speed/runway made it a bust. Still had fun building it though. Camped out in the back of my WV wagon and made a long road trip out of it. Did some hiking in Kentucky and then made my way up to Michigan for some shows at a Wakeboard contest in Grand Rapids. It was kind of like a Dew Tour type deal but a wakeboard rail jam deal. We were the additional entertainment and it was good times. Lots of good looking ladies in bikinis and perfect weather. Michigan isn’t so bad. Wisconsin State Fair once again after that which is always a blast. Austin Coleman and I were the riders and we had almost a little too much fun. Packed up from there and went straight out to Pa to ride woodward for a few days. I finally met Dave Voelker after many years of looking up to him. That guy is a riot and does not give a damn when it comes to having wild times. One late night someone told Ron Thomas that he wouldn’t put icy hot on his… well his you know. Well he did and tried holding in the pain for the first 30 seconds. Then gave in, freaked out and ran to the shower. Good times. Looking back… I don’t even know what the point of all that was. Weird.

The next 3 weeks were spent between Woodward and Buffalo, NY. We were doing some X games promo shows at an amusement/theme/water park there. First class treatment and passes to the front of every line are just a couple of the advantages we had while we were there. Thanks to Darien Lake, Ron Thomas and Dave Voelker for getting me in on such a fun event. Finally made it back to Greenville a week or two ago and hung out for a night. Next day… Straight to Vegas with the girl for she had never been. Spent way too much money and somehow lost 200 dollars playing the game War. WTF?!?! Yes.. the only game you could possibly think couldn’t be rigged or have an edge… took me for 200 dollars. I guess that’s just how Vegas goes.

Right now I am back in Greenville enjoying the perfect Fall weather until this weekend rolls around. Back up to Woodward to start fall school tour. Keep an eye on my twitter and if I’m anywhere in your area make sure to get up with me and let’s get a session going!! I’m more pumped on riding right now then I have been in years. So don’t be shy!! Enjoy the photos! twitter.com/dansieg btw… holler!

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