Xgames 15

Chad DeGroot was a judge in Xgames 15 for Big Air, he had this to say once he got back from his trip:

Just got back from judging the Xgames 15 in LA. Pretty quick trip seeing as i was there only 48 hours. That makes for long flights and some jet lag. Got it started right away going to Rick thornes band, Good guys in black, with Mike V’s band as well. Pretty amazing, and ran into Lucas Porzio who was stabbed. He was on the cover of Plus a few months ago. We decided to grab some knives and mock the whole stabbing again. Check the pics.

Then the Xgames, it is truly nuts. I only judged the mega air or big ramp. Those dudes go 2o some feet high on a 28foot quarter pipe. Pretty nuts, but the roll in is the hail mary. That thing is like 7o feet tall with a 75 foot kicker. Gotta have some courage to step that up, guess that is why there were only 6 guys. Sorry to Anthony Napolitan for doing the double front flip, he needed another trick to get placed higher. That big quarter messed his score up. It was simply amazing to see that in person, best trick by far.

Then the night life. Hollywood. Tiggers, Snakes in hair,  Michael Jackson, etc. Check the pics WOW…

Good times and some great BMX…

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