Riding my bike in Nicaragua!

Mike Hinkens moved to Nicargua for two years to be a teacher, he recently sent me this:

Hello all, below you will find a little synopsis of the beginning my bike riding adventures in Nicaragua!

The universal BMX family certainly exists here as it does elsewhere. I have been fortunate enough to already meet some awesome dudes down in Nicaragua who love to ride and who are also cool guys. The locals here have been super great about picking my butt up and driving me around to their spots (lugares). I have only had a few sessions with them, but they have already proven to be good friends.
The beginning of the first day was a bit awkward as I barely speak the language and they speak english only a little better than I speak spanish; however, after a few minutes of riding, the language of bike riding (fun, encouragement, and support) superseded our cultural differences and we began to shred. The photos below are from the first spot we went to, and I have to admit, the rail was surprisingly amazing! The best part about the whole thing is that it seems BMX is so similar in any country. I felt right at home packing into an old car stuffed with riders and bikes. Thankfully they were nice enough to give me shotgun while 4 dudes squished into the back of their ‘86 Corrolla!
Since that first day we have ridden a few times and every time proves to be more fun. Recently we have ridden a plaza that many people will be wanting to come visit. Stay tuned for pictures and videos!
Check out this little video they made with their point and shoot. I was unaware of the filming session, but here it is!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a04BbRWFnPQ
Lots of thanks need to be given to all the dudes who I have met and who have shown me around already! I can’t wait for more!”

Picture 1:
Me and the dudes: left to right: Manuel, Carlos, Jurgen, Jefrey, and Harry!
Picture 2:
Pretty sure this is the first time Carlos did a real rail! Perfect ice off the end!
Picture 3:
Me on the perfect rail. I actually doubled to hangover off, my second one ever. Pretty stoked! I have plans for this thing!

Ifit takes me a while to respond, sorry, not only is the internet sparse here, I have been super busy! I trust you are all doing well, let me know whats new by you!

Thanks, Mike

Mike Hinkens


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