My progress for the Eastern Video! + Duffs shoes

Karl just got on Duffs shoes and is currently filming for the Eastern video, had this to say:

I recently flew out to Eastern territory in North Carolina to continue filming for my part in the Eastern video, “The Death of Fun.” This was my second trip out to NC to film for the video. The main crew consisted of myself, Eastern rider and good friend Zach Rogers and videographer Mike “The Mangler” McQueen.” Others from the Eastern crew who met up throughout the trip were Leigh Ramsdell, Bryan Byrd, Phil Jones, Seamus, and videographer Terrell Gordy who met up to film with us for a day. The cities hit up were Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Charlotte, and Raleigh. I personally felt real good about what I was able to get done for the video on this trip and I’m really happy with how the progress of my part is coming. I was lucky enough to witness Zach throw down some more solid clips for the video as well. Kids look out! You might not be ready for Zach’s part when the video drops. Below are photos from the trip that I shot with brief descriptions.

To seeĀ  more pics and see what goes on with Karl, CLICK here

Karl also has an amazing BIO here

DuFFS KARL POYNTER press release

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