New member of the family

Just completed the American dream, wife, house, baby boy and now ourĀ  newest member, Coco DeGroot. Cooper (my son) can already do bar spins and really likes inlines with a soft spot for classical music and re-runs of the Cosby Show. The wife sews, sips on wine, and likes the art of pole dancing. Baby Coco doesn’t really know anything yet, cept where the milk comes from and appreciates a good nap. Me, well do you really want me to get into that? I like soft sand, a stinging pilsner, some hot sass, and raw coffee in the morning. I still hat idiot music. Sorry.

Coco trading card

Had to celebrate with a bottle of Dom. The wife was saving this for a long time. Bubbles n burps….



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  1. Good thing she got her looks from Eve. =) Congrats she is beautiful.

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