Mark takes a break from Karaoke to see some 80’s rock

When Mark isn’t digging or doing a study, he can be found rustlin up some karaoke. This time he took some time off to sit back and rock out 80’s style. He had this to say:

got to see a few bands recently like lucero, poison, def leppard, and cheap trick and more sweet ones to come.
lucero was sweet cause we were leaning on stage for the show so we were as front row as it gets.
for poison, def lep, and cheap trick we were pretty far back on the lawn seats but still amazing as ever, poison is the best live.

i was only able to take pictures on my phone so they are not the best ones but whatever

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  1. Janine says:

    Great pictures Mark. Sometimes you just gotta take a break from life and enjoy some fun time. We participate in karaoke 4 nights a week (because we own a karaoke/dj company) and some nights are really fun and some are not so fun depending on how much alcohol is flowing.

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