“I just got back from a trip to Scotland” Tony Malouf

I just got back from a trip to Scotland.  Glasgow to be specific.

I got to meet all the BSD guys from that area including Grant Smith the owner.  I spent a few days in Glasgow then we got in a van and drove to Cologne Germany for the Worlds contest.  The entire weekend in Germany was a wash.  It rained everyday just enough for people to stick around with high hopes of everything drying.  But once the ramps were finally ridable.  It would just rain again.  Not to worry though.  In Germany there is quick solution to turn things around on a rainy day.  And thats drinking.  I had a blast just walking around drinking and meeting folk.  I met some really cool people at the contest as well as in Scotland and other countries.  During the two weeks over seas I went to Scotland, London, France, Belgium and Germany.  Everywhere was amazing but Glasgow was my favorite.  I stayed a few nights at the Unit 23 skatepark.  Kriss Kyle from BSD who is only 17 lives in this huge party room at the skatepark.  It’s full of couches and ratty scottish mates.  It’s f**kin radical.

Anyways now Im back in the states only Im in Chicago for the time being.  I’ll be here another week hanging with family before I head back to Tulsa.

Here’s a little from the worlds that Miles made.

And some photos from my hometown park from yesterday.



Later Chaz

Go to BNQT for more videos.


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