Jeff K sends in news from Mike Hinkens?

I asked for some news from Jeff K and this is what was sent, its from Mike Hinkens…

Jeff K…riding a green Haro with a black plastic mag in the front…filming terrible spots with a camera from 1997 with a floppy disk memory system…driving an Astro van in which brake checks resulted in a flying hammer…helping create the message board which was full of crap talking and drama…driving Klug 1…losing a camera and a phone or two on the tops’ of cars…
These are few of my earliest memories of Jeff K. Of course these are the most ridiculous ones, and I suppose I should mention a few more specific and positive things that make me love Jeff K. and why you should too. We in the midwest have Jeff to thank for one of the first and strongest scene websites: Him and Dom Trovato not only brought our scene together and helped motivate a lot of local riders, but also pioneered one of the biggest things in BMX right now…the web edit. Also, Jeff has been helping build ramps at 4 Seasons Skatepark long enough to make sure that we always have the freshest and newest ramps to ride there. I suppose his jams and contests also do us great favors as well…seeing as almost every time he throws one, every single kid walks away with a smile and a bag full of new parts.
Mr. K has certainly given back very much to the Wisconsin scene. It seems that all of the shredding the BMX gods allow him to do is pay back. It goes without saying that Jeff kills anything you put him in front of. He can ride it all, rails, trails, curbs, boxes, and everything in between. But, Jeff has put the work into his scene, as well as the work on his bike, that entitles him to all that he gets. Jeff falls harder and tries harder than almost anyone I have ever ridden with. I would almost say, he is as tough as Kachinsky…but then, that may be pushing it! Either way, who cares about bike riding? Go hang out with Jeff. Laugh with him. Laugh at him (maybe about losing that damn iPhone again), but realize, he is a pretty sweet dude on and off his bike.



-Mike Hinkens

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