Welcome to Florida Mr. Ludwick

i recently made the move to Orlando Florida. here is the story.
my roommates’ band’s singer parted ways with them & joined my band. upon this happening my roommates (once best friends) kicked me out of the apartment & left me homeless for a few weeks before i moved back north NH to my parents’.
they threw all of their singers belongings outside during a snow storm, it was just a real childish, bad situation. within 2 days of this going down, my band mates decide they want to make some drastic changes to the band which i wasnt in agreement with. making a long story short, i walked away from the band i started & was very passionate about.
music was the only reason i had stayed in NH for so long. so now i was looking for anywhere to go but NH. my buddy joel pierazek from orlando had an open room in his apartment, & after talking about it & sitting on it for a week or two, i decided to make the move to orlando.

over the years i had made the drive from NH to FL almost every year for the BACO jam, but this was the first time making the drive solo. after spending an entire tuesday getting packed & ready, i hit the rode around midnight. i stopped an hour into the drive to visit with one of my best buddies ethan harrison (who ive played music with in the past). i didnt get back on the road till about 3am.

i stopped in virginia the next morning & hung out with my buddy jon who i grew up with. i spent most of the day in VA & headed back out on the road around 8pm. i finally made it to orlando on thursday afternoon.

already being pretty beat from the amount of time awake & on the road, we unpacked all of my stuff & then decided to ride UCF campus for a while haha.
10 minutes into the session i broke my chain and put my knee into my stem, not an awesome start to FL.

we went downtown that night & danced & got wild. Friday we went to the Vans contest. i wasnt planning on riding at all since i had been so sleep deprived. but i decided to since all my buddies were there having a blast.
i ended up taking 2nd in the contest & had an awesome time.

it’s been about a week & a half down here thus far, its been awesome & im so psyched on making this move.
it’s pretty hot, NH’s weather is perfect right now, & FL is getting hot & muggy (which is the only downside to the move).
i still don’t have a job lined up yet, but hopefully soon I’ll get something setup.

I’m working on a Vital interview right now, & i’ve been filming for that. we just had a big house show here at the apartment & i played an acoustic set, the turn out was awesome & we filmed that for the interview as well. pretty pumped it’ll be a well rounded interview about what’s been going on in my life lately.

my new How Lost We Are album is almost done, I’ve been recording it myself & it’s nearing completion. i have a couple new songs up on my music myspace now, if you’re into it, check it out at…


that’s about it for now! see you in FL!


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