Malouf interviewed by the comeup

What’s your name, age and where are you from?

Tony Malouf, 20 years old from Prospect Heights IL.

Do you still live in IL? If so are you trying to move out of there?

No. I live in Tulsa Oklahoma now.

How does Oklahoma compare to Illinois?

As far as Oklahoma and Illinois go. They both suck if you ask me. But Chicago and Tulsa are two of my favorite cities. Chicago will always be home. But Tulsa just suites me right now. I spent a couple months here last summer and I just loved everything about it. Tons of ditches, insane amounts of street, lots of babes, and a bunch of good friends. 91847! 12:34! Zeeegordon Hameeech

Where’s the best place you’ve traveled to over the past few years?

Tallin in Estonia for sure… Had a blast there

Who was your first sponsor and how did that come about?

My first sponsor was UGP and it happened about 3 years ago at a Baco Jam in Wisconsin. Chad Degroot came up to me the morning after all the Baco festivities and asked if I wanted to ride for them. I said yes of course. We had drank a bunch of beer and burned all these prototype UGP shoes in the fire the night before….so I was pumped he was stoked on me. It was crazy to hang out with guys like him at the time.

Do you have any good Chad Degroot stories? Does he live up to the hype?

He definitely does. I’ve heard some of the best stories from him and about him. But from times I’ve been around my favorite would be him convincing the desk ladies at our hotel once that he was plastic surgeon. And he’d give them boob jobs. Or another night we were at the bar and Chad walks up to me with a beer in his hand with a hot dog in it. All he said was “I asked her if she could throw a hot dog in my beer for me. And she said that If I ate it, it’d be free.” So the rest of the night me and him got 2 dollar PBR’s with free hot dogs. And we called them Degroot’s

What was your first coverage in a magazine or video?

My first coverage was in an old Vult video a few years ago. There was a Chicago section with me, Dirty Dan, Kevin Porter, and Tony Cardona. It was awesome back then. But I have seen it since and it’s real cheesy. First magazine coverage was a bio in ride U.S.

I know you probably get this all the time, but what can you say about why you got the boot from the Sputnic team?

I do hear this one all the time. And I brief it up more and more every time I explain it. But really it was a number of things. I guess I wasn’t really what Johnny Devlin had in mind for the Sputnic team. Whether it was smoking blunts all the time or trying to change a design or something, we never really got into it. But the Pissing on Ricky Bates’ head on a trip really did it I guess. Getting that call was no surprise. I knew it was coming.

LOL. How drunk do you have to be to piss on someone’s head? Both Rickey and Johnny are Straight Edge so I guess it’s pretty self explanatory that they wouldn’t find that funny.

Well I was blacked out….So. I guess you gotta be “blacked out drunk” to do something like that. They weren’t too salty but I was denying it because I really didn’t remember it happening. So Johnny was like “you gotta clean the floor and the blankets” and I’m still sleeping like “hell nah. That wasn’t me” I think thats what made them mad. But were all still friends. Just not teammates. Hah.

You recently started riding for BSD out of Scotland. Being that you’re obviously nowhere near Scotland, how did that come about?

BSD just started distributing in the US through UGP, UnderGround Distribution. Grant, who is the owner of BSD asked Degroot if there was anyone in the states not getting the hook they deserved…And he threw the name drop. Grant was siked and things have been going real well with them. Frames are going to be available in the states in a few weeks.

Do you know what BSD stands for? I have no clue.

Blunt Smoking Dude?

Do you prefer Anthony or Tony? How do you feel about sharing the first name of my famous white cat?

Tony is better. But my folks still call me Anthony. And that depends. Do you call your cat Anthony or Tony? I’ll respect Tony more.

I try to play it like your parents do when you’re a kid, if we’re just chilling I’ll call him Tony but when he does something fucked up like shits on the floor in the bathroom I call him Anthony.

One time when I was a baby I shit while running down the stairs butt ass naked. My mom called me Anthony for that one.. Hah.

Brakes or no brakes and why?

Doesn’t really matter. BSD is working on a lever so I’m gonna throw the hooks on again.

You’ve had a lot of web videos online lately, what is the thought process by doing that? Are you just having fun and making edits or is it a conscious way of promoting yourself for your sponsors?

A little bit of both. I grew up in the midwest scene and midwestbmx was making web videos before anyone. When I first met Jeff K and Dom Trovato I thought they were superstars. Just because they made videos every other week or so. That sort of shaped my riding in a way. Then when I started making videos with them I got really into filming and editing. Now I still make them for fun and they promote my sponsors as well. And my film making for that matter.

Have you been filming for the Primo video? Do you expect to have a full part?

Yess… I have some good good I’m siked on saved up for that. I don’t think I’m gonna have a full section but I’m excited to see Kurtis’s and Neyers section. And everyone else.

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?

Somewhere in the movie biz. Making real motion pictures.

Last words?

Thanks to everyone. Don’t stress on petty shit, just hang and bang you know?

Miles Rogoish and Kevin Kiraly Osiris edit up there tomorrow.


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