Tony Malouf talks about spokes, miron, and the degroot

n1447800185_30282934_7507Four seasons seems to be the park of choice this winter, what happened, you moved?
A: Yeah that’s pretty much all there is to ride. When I lived in Chicago (I moved) It was either four seasons. Or my parents basement.

Now I live in Tulsa. It’s been about 65, 70 everyday so we just been riding outside. Which is tight cause I’ve been riding more street lately.


Those spokes are nuts, Jay Miron use to have some just as loud, are you copying his style?
A: Hah Totally. Hahaha, Nah. I got a whole new bike when I started riding for BSD. And primo makes mad spoke colors so I just picked one.


How ya livin?
A: Man, I can’t complain a bit. Just moved into a new place in Tulsa. Living with my good buddy Miles Rogoish. I been riding everyday. Filming everyday. Definiately getting loose. It’s whats up.


iPhone or some other crap? Crap. Piece of shit.

Drink of choice? What about the DeGroot? My favorite evening beverage is a cold old style. But, sometimes late in the evening. One gets hungry. Then you might throw a hot dog in that old style and slowly eat it while you drink remains of your greesy beer. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all.


What goes on this summer, any plans? Big Plans. Hah. Miles and I are filming for a full-length video. It’s a Gonna be Plush Pictures first full length. The cast is still developing but I can tell you that Jeff Klugiewicz, Drew York, Miles Rogoish & myself will have full sections. So mainly filming for that. Definitely gonna make it back to Chicago sometime during the summer.



UGP Web Tony Malouf @ RampRiders from chad degroot on Vimeo.

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