Ridaz gotta drive

What uuup?

I just got back from a little trip back home to chicago and Colorado. Was only gone a week but did a whole bunch of stuff. Saw my family for the tm-t-bag-wilsonfirst time since I moved to Tulsa. And road the home turf one day with all the homies. Filmed a quick edit of Josh Eilken for Madera. I should have that done this week and it will be up on their site. Then headed to Boulder, CO. and saw my friend courtney ride in this snowboard rail jam. I never been to nothing like that and it’s wild scene. There is so much money in Snowboarding… not to mention plenty of cute girls. All of them just smashing down these 30 stair sized rails. Pretty bad ass. Snowboard dudes are tools. HAH Everybody wears clothes big enough for Andre the Giant. And they wear really big head phones. Kind of funny. The next day I rode the Boulder concrete park which is real good. Sick bowl in the back and the avarage skate side with ledges and junk. Rode there for a few hours then watched a little league game going on right next to the park.


Now I’m back in Tulsa and the weather is sick right now. Drew York loves UGP hoodies. He was back on his bike for bit after a bad injury untill his bike got stolen.. I sent him some parts and threw that hoodie in there for him. He should have a bike together pretty soon…More soon… Happy St. Patty’s Day. Green Degroots!!!!!!


-Tony A.K.A. Leonard Bigston

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