Catfish in Florida

Florida is amazing

I love Florida. Most people that know me understand this. I seriously can’t get enough of that place. It’s got great weather, an insane BMX scene, and most importantly CHARACTERS. There are so many characters that roam the land of Florida that its almost shocking. WIld ass bums, crazy ass girls, and of course Kyle Painter and Crew. I had the pleasure of spending five days in the land of love and it was awesome. For starters I stayed at Rob Nollis house. He might have the most awesome home ever. On top of the fact that it is laid out and an awesome house. He’s got TONS of BMX nostalgia all over the place. It ruled. Thanks again to Rob and Winnie for letting us crash in your home. The demos went awesome. We rode Mesh, Skatepark of Gainsville, and Merrit Island. I had never been to the latter two parks and had a blast there. I was sure not to break my hip bone on the ramp that got Friemuth a few years back. Love you Davie. I got to drive around in a Navigator on 24s so I fit right in. Most of the time I was shirtless as well. I was also living dangerously as I have a warrant out for my arrest from the Dew Tour in October. You cant stop me. Big thanks to all the peoples that made shit fun. Especially Cottle. You are the best. BOOOM!

Huge shoutout to Chris Gentry for hooking up the flight to Florida

Check out Catfish’s site to see the pics to go with this article…ridaz

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