Adam Baker wants a Mustache March

touchAdam Baker sent me this email, it has to be posted and noted…enjoy

Chad, I know you can grow a good mustache and I feel this is good content for the site.

Happy Mustache March everyone!
For all that don’t have a mustache it is time to grow one. I think that the whole UGP team needs to grow a mustache. If you don’t feel inspired then you need to think of Chad. Chad is sweet and can grow a sweet Mustache. Let me break it down for the team. Mark you will be way better at karaoke with a mustache. James you might be able to by beer a little hair above your lip. Karl you think your good at paint ball now, If you had a mustache you would be twice as good! Brian, you would be so much tougher, that is if you had a mustache. Kevin, no one is going to trust a coffee shop owner if they don’t have a mustache. Jeff, all good Midwest men have a beer and a good mustache.
Tony, come on man you should already have one!
Here is a link to the mustache march web site.
Start Growing!

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