So hot right now…

Somehow this news post slipped through the system, or if it was posted already, sorry, i am new at this…also there is a new one towards the bottom, BK is always up to something.

Hey Ya’ll,

I just wanted to share with you all the best condiment on the planet. I discovered Sriracha hot sauce about a decade ago but my consumption has skyrocketed over the past few months. This stuff is amazing. You can put it on everything from eggs, pasta, fish, chicken, falafel, salad, sandwiches…you name it. I even tried to use to to install some new grips today (that didn’t go so well). It’s the WD-40 of condiments.

I love it so much I even tried to get Action Village to carry it ( since they seem to carry everything else under the sun. They said they are going to stick with BMX, Skate, Snow, Apparel, Etc …hey I tried.

I purchased my latest bottle in a little store in chinatown here in Chicago but you can get the stuff all over the place.

I reckon this stuff will soon be an essential accessory that i’ll have to carry with me. Wallet (check) Cell phone (check) Sriracha (check)…haha, ask me next time you see me. I’ll let you borrow a drop or two. It’ll change your life.

Brian has his own blog on the Ride site, so click THIS and check out his deal with get a grip

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