Mark on filming for Anthem and what’s up with his little paws?


Traveling with Mark is sweet, he pretty much is down to go where ever and ride what’s in front of him. Most of the time He can’t help but shred, so over the last year or so I have had more than a few extra photos from trips we have been on. Sitting on them would be a shame, so to help out I asked Mark what is up with sasss, hole in one, and Anthem 2…

Tell me how the whole Anthem 2 project started and how your part is coming?
- Well stew made an amazing video like 10 or 11 years ago that was mostly trails with some sweet street as well, But the video turned out super good and to this day is still just as amazing. I guess he got a lot of people asking about doing a 2nd one so he decided to do so. As for my section, It’s coming along well I think( I hope)…

Here are some pics from this past year, also all of his ads from 2008, one was never used…i love the double wall ride pic from when Mesh Skatepark just started.


When is Anthem coming out? Who else in the video do you look forward to seeing, what part?
- I don’t really know when cause he is waiting on mikey being able to ride again and finish up his section. I think the entire video is gonna be super wild and entertaining to watch, But maybe clint Reynolds section most if I had to pick… That kid is fun to watch.

Licking sass, hole in one, and girls pants, which one would you like to start the discussion?
- Sass aka sauce I would say… Its the best for just about any food. Bbq, honey mustard, ranch, ketchup, Italian dressing, pizza/pasta sauce and more… Its all the best and I love overloading with all of them on all my foods. The hole in one is a whole other story. But to make it short, I got a hole in one when I was 10. I used to golf all the time cause I lived next to a golf course it was a pretty sweet set up, I would just get up and go golf all day and also sell golf balls to make money for pizza and candy. I stopped golfing after the hole in one though and started riding dirt bikes.

You wanna go golfing sometime? I will let you drive the golf cart…
-Sure ill cruise the ranges, Its been 14 years since I last golfed buy maybe its like riding a bike?? I hope I get to drive the cart, Come on

Do you still order from the kid’s menu at restaurants?
- Nah, I used to just cause I didn’t have as much money and also cause I was a baby but now I’m a man so I need man meals.

What is the best water on earth?
-That’s easy… PIRANHA WATER, don’t forget to enter to win some UGP clothes or $

What is up with your little paws?
- Little or big they are paws cause I’m a leo which means I’m a lion.

Sometimes I go back and check out old web videos, sucks when youtube takes the good ones down cause of copyright, I will get them back up asap…There was one from a UGP Cali trip, soo good.

JoMo Pro featuring UGP Riderz gotta ride!!! from chad degroot on Vimeo.

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