Jeff K talks about computers and the midwest


Jeff K is one of the newest members of the UGP army (that sounds gay, sorry, but funny that standard uses that) and I had the chance to get under his skin with computer questions, find out what he does in the Midwest winters, and his reasons for riding brakeless. If you like this interview or Jeff for that fact, send him some $ so he can get his site going again.


*Can i ask you a few questions and we can use the pics for a lil interview type thing? No


*What is up with Heard you were posting some wild girls gone wrong pics, is this true?
I wish, I haven’t been posting anything lately due to the fact that its is not up right now! need some extra cash and it will be back up!

*What is your favorite site to go on?
my favorite site to go on is probably… its funny cause i used to hate the layout of that site, it used to be one of my least favorites and now its one of my favorites!


*Tell us what goes on in the winter in Milwaukee?
hmm, Video games on PS3 (xjeffkbmxx hit me up), chill at 4seasons a lot, and try to stay warm!

*You do the snowboarding thing or just put a seat belt on your couch?
Actually I have just started to get into it… I use all my brothers stuff but it is a good time!


*You have been brakeless for some time now, what started that and will you ever go back? You use to do some wild ass fufanu’s, what brake tricks do you miss?
This is a question people like to ask a lot… So hear it goes… Maybe 2 or 3 years ago i took my brakes off and decided to change it up for a little and planned to ride my brakes at some point again! During this time i learned how to barspin, so anyways i was super excited about it! My Friend was having a jam at his house and i wanted to be able to ride all the back railings so i decided to put them on. We get the the jam and everyone is having a blast. I start trying to do barspin to tail taps, but i have my brakes on and i think it cant be any different. I try a couple and catch my hand on my lever and some sharp thing on it slit my hand from one end to the other, it wasn’t crazy deep but it sucked and i said to myself then that i didn’t ever want my brakes back on! Now a couple years later I could see myself putting them back on, but i don’t really see a reason to my bike works and its simple to keep in running condition! As far as tricks i miss id say a fufanu, but if I ha d brakes there would be so much more that i miss about being brakeless!

*How many iPhones have you gone through?
Funny you ask cause right now i am restoring my iphone, shit is all messed up and I’m hoping this restore will fix the problem, but i still have my first!

*I just got an iphone and would have to agree that its pretty much the “all you need” item in your pocket and daily life. How many have your broken?
havent broke any! i dont ride with it ever so i think that keeps them ticking!

*How the shit do you restore a phone, are you a nerd?
Its not hard to do at all, but i do know pretty much about computers.

*You mentioned knowing a lot about computers, what do you know, tell me everything?
Im not telling you everything… i really don’t like talking about this kind of shit… I just know a decent amount about Computers. And I’m leaving it at that!

*At this point I decided to not persue the questioning on computers, must have touched a sensitive spot, sorry Jeff… he replies with a HA HA


*What is the greatest electronic device in the past 5 years? why?
The greatest device that i have had in the past 5 years is my Iphone. I don’t have a laptop anymore because it was stolen, so traveling and being able to keep in touch, do emails, and have a gps that fits in my pocket is very nice!

*This might sound made up, but rumor has it that your into body building? Care to explain?
What i choose to inject into my body is my own business! Roid Rage is a bitch!!! HA (this rumor is definitely made up) Later

*So beating any of K-Rob’s world records isn’t gonna happen? What about a good bar fight?
Anything is possible!

*If I sent you a gift card to starbucks, what is your the gayest drink you could get and still feel like a man?
All i get are the gay drinks, HA! But i usually get a carmel mocha with a xtra shot, keeps me awake, and you did send me a gift card. THANX!

I forgot I sent you one for Xmas, your gay then, but at least your awake…

UGP Welcomes KP and Jeff K from Vinylbmx on Vimeo.

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