Frostbike 2009

The new spring line has sprung, we showed it off this past weekend at Frostbike for the QBP crowd. It was a pretty good turn out and as usualimg_2933 old schoolers shocked me. Mustaches and old baco videos, wow going to these things will bring stuff out of the woodwork.


Pretty cold up there, I can’t lie to you. I haven’t lived in the cold for more than a few years, this was nuts. My buddy Ben took a serious spill slippin on the ice, so he made up for it by drinking the whole TGI fridays dry. That is why in some of the pics he doesn’t know that the whole hotel room was piled on him. I woke up around 5am to crashing ironing board and a 60lb chair falling off him. Pretty crazy how much crap is in a hotel room, much less how you can sleep with all that weight, maybe its like a hug?


Profile’s booth was right next to ours, and it was sweet. Charlie kept us laughing and made the long days go by real fast. Thanks to QBP for the amazing food, the help, and running one of the smoothest and professional distributors. Support the hell out of them. Thanks to TGI fridays for always being friday, Thanks to Dustin Griesse and His buddy Evan for getting us a light show and supporting sweet mustaches, Thanks to missing tooth Kyle for the beer run, and everyone who came by our booth to say “Hi”…see ya next year…Chad D.


Enjoy the short video and slideshow

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  1. evanmoyle says:

    Ya! Compared to you I look like an eigth grader
    who doesn’t know what a razor is yet… That stache is legit!

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