Dan Sieg Bike Check/Ridaz gotta ride tour/Standard Army

What’s up everyone? I’ve been sitting around Greenville for the last couple of weeks with a real sore back. Haven’t been riding much but


definitely looking forward to getting back into the swing of things now that the weather seems to be taking a turn for the better. It was in the 60’s today so I got outside and shot some photos of my ride. I have never been a fan of plain black before in the past but I’m really pumped on how this thing looks. Simple but yet a little bit of flash. News wise… not a whole lot going on in Greenville at the moment. At least as far as I’m aware of. Fellow UGP rider James Foster and myself have been talking about building some dirt jumps in my backyard and we are pretty excited about that. Stay tuned to see what happens. There is a chance a few of us Greenville guys might make our way down to Florida soon for the PRO Riders Unfinished Bizness Tour which hits up Mesh Skatepark, the Merrit Island park and also the Gainesville skatepark. So if you’re anywhere in the area come say hello. WIll be fun to get down in the sun for a while.

Well anyway… here are some photos of my bike. The frame is a new model Standard 250s. Some 250L tubing mixed in so I guess in a way it’s a hybrid frame. SBC has there own shop running now so they can customize pretty much anything at the drop of a hat. Hit them up because they frame is real clean and dialed. Other than that it’s pretty much Profile components which I am definitely excited about. Thing runs real smooth and I can’t wait to go get some riding in. If anyone cares… the last time I checked it weighed in at 24 pounds even. I’m happy with that especially considering I still run pegs and both brakes. Can’t complain one bit. Hope it’s starting to warm up everywhere else in the country and you guys can all get back to riding full force!! Keep shredding!


Dan had an interview on vitalbmx.com or click here to check it with his front flip double bar

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