Chad goes to the flea market and his new paint job+some old Flat footage


If you don’t know, now you know, the Flea market is the greatest possible place on earth. James and myself set up camp and decided to have a booth for a saturday. We sold some old clothes and dead shoes, and even tried to give out back massages. The sign was sitting next to our booth so we swiped it and displayed it as a draw to our business. There are people at 8 in the morning drinking beer getting their windows tinted. There are booths with creepy kids clothes and infant dresses. There are meat stands, fish stands, and knive stores. There is greasy food, beer, and more beer. Rip off Nike sneakers, rip off adidas, rip off everything. There is even a pool stick that on contact will shoots a lightning bolt light across the stick. You can buy a new chrome bumper, buy a clown porn, buy generic everything including bootleg dvd’s. WOW i love this place. Almost the best place on earth. What makes it the best are the people, if you have a few hours to laugh, make the trip, and if you want to laugh till you cry, try the Sanford flea market in last thing, you can ride the go-carts for 8 hours straight for $10.



Ohhh ya, this is pretty random, but i painted my bike to…Pretty happy with this. holla, ridaz


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