Adam Baker leftovers from the S+M video


Adam has been filming with his buddy for awhile for the S+M video, he sent over an edit that i think is pretty f’n good. He lives in Arizona where the mountains are refreshing and the trails are smooth. He recently tried to climb a mountain and watches all Suns games, read on to see what goes on with Adam…


I know that we are already into it, but happy New Year everyone! This year has already been a exciting one. I celebrated the New Year in at a Stix concert which was awesome. On the 2nd My lady and I tried to hike a peek called Picacho peek in Arizona. Anyone who has ever driven thought Arizona on I-10 has seen it. It’s the huge peek between Phoenix and Tucson. I have attached a photo to stimulate any of your memories. However it didn’t work out, less then 20 miles away the Jeep we were driving broke down leaving us hanging out at a truck stop waiting for AAA. The next day I was back home and went to ride the park with a bunch of friends. Its rare for me to ride this park, I usually just go to the trails(for obvious reasons). I ended up crashing as fast as I think possible. I roiled into the park went to grind up a ledge that I done thousands of times ate shit and some how got my break lever stuck in my leg. I have always worried about impaling myself and it finally happened. I attached another photo of my leg. Sorry its kinda crappy I took it with my cell phone and the light was bad. It’s been an exciting 2009 for me, take care out there. Go Suns!

Adam Baker Trails and street for UGP from chad degroot on Vimeo.

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