What is Karl up to?


So your not riding for Beloe and getting flow from Orchid, how did that all come about?
-Well, as many of you already know, Beloe Footwear came to end and is no longer going. So after that had happened I thought about what brand of shoes I would want to ride and support. With Kevin Porter being a good friend of mine, it only made sense to support Kevin and wear his signature shoe from Orchid Footwear. Then things lead from there. I’m really looking forward to working with Orichid for 2009.
Does Orchid make enough shoes to match all your color schemes on your ride?
-Orchid has a good selection of colorways with their shoes. It should work out perfectly.
What plans do you have for 2009?
-Continue to ride my bike and travel as much as possible while reppin’ my sponsors to the fullest, staying on top with our shop Hardcore Sportz and our new online store, riding my mountain bike a lot, maybe hit up some BMX races again, and of course enjoying the good times with my family and friends.

Your part in the Shadow video was amazing, specially the intro clip. How many tires did you burn threw for the Shadow video?

-Thank you! I didn’t burn through any tires while filming for the video. The Shadow Undertaker tires are top notch!Moving to a bigger space and running an online service for your shop should keep you busy, how is everything going and any future plans?

-Our shop has been going for 10 years now and we’ve been in several locations throughout our city in New Castle, IN. We’ve been in our current spot going on 3 years now and we plan to keep it here. It’s been our largest spot yet and seems to be working out quite nicely. The online store has been doing well. We’re really excited to have launched our newly redesigned site with a detailed news page updated daily, a full team page, video page, and of course the new online store. The new site has been up for a few months now and people seem to enjoy it. So we’re stoked on that. Our main purpose on starting the online store was to offer a place for the ones who are into what our shop is about and want to support us in what we do. Future plans for us is to keep doing what we’ve been doing and taking care of our friends and customers in the best way possible. You can always count on us hosted events such as street jams, video premieres, etc every month. Keepin’ that scene alive! Check www.hardcoresportz.com for the latest on what’s going here at HS.
Any road trips or videos your filming for this winter?
-The next couple months of winter will be a lot of riding indoor parks, but hopefully I’ll do a trip somewhere warm soon. With the new Shadow video being just released and recently wrapping up filming for the Sunday video that is due out around the Spring time, new filming trips are just starting to get planned for 2009. I’ll be doing a trip around March with The Last People. Check TLP out at www.thelastpeople.com. There’s also a lot of talk about a Hardcore Sportz team trip possibly sometime this Spring as well.

What goes on in a typical day for Karl Poynter?

Here’s the basics of my usual day with a lot of inbetween left out.

-I try to get up and moving at a decent time.
-Take a shower.
-Feed my kitties.
-Maybe go ride my bike if the weather is good.
-Eat lunch at my usual Mexican restaurant.
-Then off to the shop to open up and work for the day where I start off by making sure the shop is in a clean condition, then checking e-mails, phone calls, answering the shop’s myspace messages, updating the site, bike work, get packages ready if needed, and of course take care of all the customers that come in.
-Then have dinner with my lady.
-Finish the night off with a late night cruise on my bike.

Went on the sunday site and saw this http://www.sundaybikes.com/v3/2008/10/19/karl-poynter-second-wave-2/
Want to do a news thing on this if your down?

tell me a little about your color scheme. Is this your signature frame or a team frame?

-My frame is the Sunday second wave with my signature colorway and graphics. The Sunday second wave frame has so many features that I currently had no requests for changes in the frame. Look for it Spring ‘09. Check www.sundaybikes.com for all the specs.

Do you have clothes to match this?

-You can bet on that.

We posted Karl’s new HCS edit last week, but if you missed it, click here

Hardcore Sportz Street Jam 2008 from dirtystylebmx on Vimeo.

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