Malouf on the run

Whatup??? I’m in Austin on this thing called savage south trip. Had a crazy two days of traveling. I drove to St. Louis early Friday morning all by myself. That’s a 5 hour drive from Chicago. On the way there was this semi parked on the side of some off ramp. I didn’t think anything of it. Then just as me and the guy in front of me started to pass the semi, dude in front started sliding out. I was forced to hit the breaks and started sliding too. BAM! Smoked the semi. Dude in front of me ran into the cab. And I lucked out by rear ending the other guy just a little and the back end of my car slid under the truck trailer.


Thennnnnn……On the way from St.louis to Austin, 8 dudes deep in a Suburban. The thing breaks down right outside of Tulsa. None of us knew shit to do. We ending up setting up camp on the side of the highway and passin out. Called a toe truck in the mornng. Last night we finally made it to Austin. Slept on a tile floor. We rode 9th street trails all day today. Shit was Firee!!! On the way home from the trails we were all bookin ass down this one way street. And this cop starts yelling at us like some pissed off frat boy. Right as he started yelling my buddy Thaniel ran straight into a car. The cop saw the whole thing. Sooner than later 3 more cops show up and we all got citations. 9 dudes. I don’t know. Been a long three days.

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