Happy holidays from KP



Happy Holidays everyone!
Every year in Chicago Mayor Daley puts on a huge sports festival which last three days. The Holiday sports fest is meant to bring all types of sports together. Its great because it gives kids the chance to try out different types of sports. They give us a huge section in the back that we share with the skaters. The only thing is that skate boarders have known about the fest for over ten years, so they have been able to take advantage of the fest. Each day the event goes on there is close to 1500 skaters, which makes it almost impossible to ride. Even though we have know about it for the last five years or so no one from the BMX world has ever taken advantage of the event. Next year we are going to work with the festival representatives to have our very own section. Even though it is important to show the public that BMX and skateboarding can get a long fine for public skateparks purposes. I think it is just as important to define the differences between each action sport.

Here are a few photos from this year’s fest. The foot bag guys are amazing and it’s fun watching the little kids learn how to box. Thanks Mayor Daley!

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