Good and Bad with Tony Malouf


Tell us a little bit about your recent good vs. bad luck.
How lucky are you really?

A: I’d say this last trip I went on was the most lop sided between good and bad luck. It started with a drive from Chicago to St.louis to meet up with some guys and drive to Austin. On the way the highways were covered with black ice. Something people in Florida know nothing about. HAH. I was on an off ramp follow some guy in an Isuzu Tracker around this semi that parked on the side of the ramp. Due to the ice, things got a little out of control and guy in front of me just started sliding right into the semi. I had to put the hooks on or I would have been toast. I rear ended to the guy in the tracker and swung almost under the Semi. It was pretty wild. Only three hours later the ice was thawed out enough to get out of the jam. I made it to St.louis and we left for austin. About 7 hours into the drive the truck we were in busted down on the side of a high way. It was real late and we couldn’t figure out what was wrong. We ended up camping
out on the side of I-44 in Oklahoma over night. We woke up at 7 and called triple A. Eight dudes had to pile into the a cab of a tow truck to the nearest auto parts store. All of that was soon resolved. We finally made it to Austin. The first night riding back from the trails to where were staying we got stopped my bike cops for riding down a one way road the wrong way and not having lights on our bikes. All 8 of us plus Chunk (austin local) got tickets. Shit was not coool. This is where the trip took a turn for the better. Well not really because I got a like four flats while in Austin but what was lucky is that I got a free tube every time from someone at the trails. And I managed to not kill myself jumping through the main line at 9th street. New years was amazing! No complaints on that night. On my travels back… The drive from Austin to St.louis was quite easy. The only problem was I had no gas to get back home to Illinois. And no
money. I began to drive anyway not telling my buddy Garret because I know he would have insisted on giving me money. About a 100 some miles into the drive my gas light came on. I drove a little more looking for a big gas exit with lots of food and junk. I pulled into a BP gas station with intentions of panhandling for my gas fairs. It only took one guy to throw down the funds. I asked him real politely and he was totally for it. After talking to him for a minute I gave him some UGP stickers and stuff. He said he had heard of UGP before. That they sponsored a contest he worked at in Wisconsin. Turns out he worked security at the last Baco at Jelly Stone. Small world I guess. Dude hooked it up with some cheese and I was on my way.. But it doesn’t end there. I was about 40 miles from my house when I get pulled over for my tinted windows. Which are illegal in Illinois. The cop must have not believed my story that I was traveling from Texas
for a bike trip. He immediately suspected I was moving drugs. He called two more cop cars and within the hour they searched my car inside out. While I was standing in the cold. To no surprise they found nothing and I was just slapped with a tint ticket. All and all I had a blast on the trip. Im home safe and sound. I would say if it wasn’t for bad luck, I would have any luck at all. But what would this be worth reading if it all went according to plan.

How is the BSD thing working out?
A: I coudn’t be more siked on BSD. Good bikes. The dude who runs it is awesome. I’m real excited to help them promote the company in the US for 09..

Can you out-party Scottish people?
A: I have a strong feeling I could keep up.

What’s coming up for you?
A: Im going to Simple Session in Estonia next week, IM siked! Never been over seas. Shit is gonna get BUCk! It will be my first time traveling over seas. I been working on filming stuff for the Primo video aswell. After this month I’ll be moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma to work on a full length video with Miles Rogoish. Be on the look out for that.


Check Tony in this vid on espn:

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  1. georgekgb says:

    hes so good i live in glasgow where BSD is from and i cant
    wait for him to come over from the states

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