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Dan has been gone for a long time doing shows all over, so I finally caught up with him and asked how the last months on the road have been. This is what he had to say:

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So tour is finally done. I think I did a show in every middle school gymnasium from Greenville to Sioux Falls, SD. Has been hectic, stressful, fun, exciting and wild all mixed into one. School tour usually is pretty monotonous but I was fortunate to be with some awesome guys. The first two months I was with JC Knecht and an amazing skateboarder named Chris Dziema (search for him on youtube, he’s so good) All that went real well even though both of those kids are only 20 so the nightlife was kept to a minimum. From there… they went their separate ways and I teamed up with Vinnie Vasquez and a trail rider from PA named Jarret Kale. Jarret has some amazing trail style as well as some awesome trails up in Lock Haven, PA. Good stuff. States visited in the 3 months I was gone…. Virginia, West Virginia, DC, Maryland, PA, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota and Illinois. 19,485 miles of driving on a rental truck pulling a trailer. I did the math and it ended up being something like 223 miles a day on average drive time. 223 miles every day for 3 months. Awesome.

One night Vinnie, Jarret and myself were in Towson, MD (just outside of Baltimore) and we had a late show the next day. So we decided to go out. Drove a few miles to some bar near the university and it was ok. Nothing too wild, besides none of us wanted to drink too much because someone had to drive home. So we took it easy and then checked the iPhone for bars near our hotel so we could get loose. Found a “bar and grill” or so it said on the directory. It was like 4 blocks from our hotel so we hit it up for something to do. Maybe shoot some pool or something. We walk in thinking it was a normal bar and turns out it is a super shady strip club/bar/grill place. People hanging out and eating chicken wings, drinking beer and girls half naked with pasties on. No cover for whatever reason which was good because none of us had cash, nor did we get any out of the ATM at any point. That night happened to be free pool night also so we just drank some beers and shot pool. Before we knew it the vultures (strippers) were over there hitting us up for money in their subtle ways. One disgustingly not attractive black stripper decided to get spunky and grab Jarret’s pool stick and proceed to make a bet with him. If she won in a game of pool he had to tip her or pay for a lap dance or something. But if he won… she had to buy him a DVD porno out of the vending machine next to where we were standing. Yes they had a vending machine that dispensed DVD adult film titles. Awesome. So Vinnie and I watched an ugly, topless black girl get schooled at pool by our pal and then shade out on her end of the deal. Eventually after spending no money whatsoever (other than on drinks) we got vibed pretty bad and we left. I was in no shape to keep drinking anyway. Went home to the hotel, passed out and then woke up in the hallway in just my boxers. Standing in front of some hotel room door that wasn’t my own. Weird stuff. Found my room and pounded on the door until the guys woke up and let me in. Random nights on the road. We laughed about it the next day and did some backflips for the kiddies.

Shows ended and I drove from State College, PA through some awful weather up to my dad’s place in Northern Wisconsin again. Holidays are always fun. However…. the second to last day of shows we did I sketched out on a lazy 360 whip and sat down on my tire. Nothing bad, got back up and finished off the show. Then rode fine the next day even. Couple days later once I got to my dad’s place I started feeling some pain. Turns out I ruptured a blood vessel of some sort on my taint and it got infected. So I go into the doctor and get it checked out… no big deal. Gives me some pills to make it go away. That doesn’t work. It gets 10 times worse and before I know it I’m in the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my entire life trying to spend Christmas day with my family. Spend that night sleeping in a bathtub to ease the pain with a pillow in a trash bag, no joke. Next morning I go back to the doctor and they say I need surgery. Sweet. I get a ride from my dad an hour away to some other hospital that actually has surgeons. The surgeon takes one look at me and says “wow, I can not believe you’re even functioning and haven’t passed out from the pain.” I guess us bike riders have a higher tolerance than most. So anyway… got it drained and taken care of. Not awesome to say the least. I’m so glad it’s over. So now that’s feeling all better…. I’m back in Greenville trying to ride as much as possible and get ready for the new year. Not quite sure what 2009 is going to hold for me… sure it will be as awesome as the last 5 though. If not more so. As far as the book I plan to write one day… I think I’m just going to continue to gather and research material for a little while longer. Keep that on the back burner before I decide to make my millions. Also… I am happy to say that for 2009 I will have the same sponsors as the past…. Standard which I have been a part of for about 9 years now. As well as my two dream sponsors UGP and Profile . Definitely can not complain. Thanks a lot!!

Hope everyone is doing well. Dan

I posted Dan’s video doing the front -flip double bar spin cause I think it needs another look…hell ya Dan

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