Cracked knee cap, zippers, and empty pools

knee cap crack

Cracked my knee cap, sounds crazy, but I still can walk pretty good so I am not really bummed. Falling from a 9ft cement

quarter after hanging up really bad usually doesn’t end good.
We had access the downtown orlando skatepark for a couple years and they up and canceled the bike sessions. So after almost a year of not going, I decided to research why they stopped letting bikes in. Made a few calls and some emails and in one day we were back in. Its a long story, but end result was the city was all for bikes and bike riding is in the lease. So what it came down to was some miscommunication and some mis-informed employees. Glad I did that work, OSP is amazing, unless you fall out of the sky to flat. Cement is really really hard. The doctor said 6 weeks….

thats some good h2oEnglish fun with zippers

cooper xmas 2008

cooper xmas 2008

chad smileprofile1208tcuside

thats some
good h2o
English fun with zippers

Till then I will be drinking Piranha Water , playing with Cooper, and trying to zip up my sweatshirt with some good friends, check the picture. This was all Wobbly’s idea, but it works. Helps if your a lil drunk and some man love kicks in. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to get away fast at all…
Winter is here in Florida and its almost time to drain my pool, here is last years video from a session in my backyark.

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