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Collaboration isn’t a new concept by any means but it is something we see more and more of amongst businesses today. In this ever changing consumer-driven economy its become advantageous for some businesses to combine forces and operate under the same roof. It’s not uncommon to see competitors to not only be neighbors but now roommates. Take Taco Bell and Pizza Hut for example:

or sometimes it takes even more than two in order to tango. This is when things get really crazy…

They must roll a dice to choose the color of the awning because a coin just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

I came to the realization that this goes way beyond fast food. We’ve even see this happen in BMX. We’ve seen shoe companies join forces with clothing companies and bike companies and all sorts of wild stuff.

I was headed to see a well-respected knee doctor the other day here in downtown Chicago and I kept rechecking the address because instead of signs that said “doctor” or “hospital” or even “orthopedics” the building kept saying this:

confused but curious I walked in and sure enough this was what the entrance to my doctors office looked like:

I don’t know how the Chicago Bears team doctor and Playboy HQ ended up under the same roof but it seems to work out as a successful collaboration.

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