Catfish and the crew are back from Estonia


Just got back from Tallinn, Estonia for Simpel Session. It is hands down the best contest in the world. The atmosphere, the

KP in estoniaBKtatMalouf

crowd, the course, and the parties make it wonderful. It gets bigger and bigger every year. UGP was in the house with BK and first timers Tony Malouf and Kevin Porter. Everyone rode amazing with BK and Malouf making it into the finals. Bikes did tricks, girls got made out with, and the UGP boys had a blast. Thanks to Risto and Mario at Simpel Session for bringing us over and we can’t wait for next year. Ridaz!

KP with a gap into the tranny on the far left.

pics-Tony Malouf. International and bigtime.

BK. No explanation needed

I was drinking pee.

Got a new tattoo in Estonia. I wanted a Lobster fucking a ladybug. The artist didn’t understand me. So now I just tell people it’s a lady bug giving a back massage to a lobster.

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