BK, KP, and Jeff K all in Austin


Hey UGP! I’m down here in Austin, TX with teammate and fellow wisconsinite, Jeff K. We are having a blast and enjoying the weather. My knee is a bit sore and jeff has meaty paw but we are still having fun riding everything. It’s hard to not have fun in Austin. I hope you all had a great new years. Mine was awesome (went out with KP in Chicago) and i’m now officially a year older.


Here is another photo of my friend steve and I at the mayor daley sports festival in Chicago. over/under…good times. Have fun out there, Estonia is next week. Oh shit…..

Brian (Be sure to check out brians blog on the Ride site)

Jeff K had this to say: Well let’s see. I am currently in Austin with KP and BK, I guess just trying to escape the weather up north. It’s been a pretty good trip, except the fact that I got food poisoning the first day and was puking for the following 2 days. I’ve been shooting photos and filming some stuff while I’ve been here. The trips been awesome so far and I’m sure the rest will be awesome as well.

UGP Welcomes KP and Jeff K from Vinylbmx on Vimeo.

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