Amsterdam, Estonia, and you can fill in the blanks



So this was my first trip outside of the States. I couldn’t wait to leave. I flew to Estonia with Brian Kachinsky and met up


with a few other dudes in Amsterdam. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to go into town on the way there.

Estonia is incredible. Tons of beautiful architecture. And tons of Beautiful women. And…the first day there I saw kids roughly 17 to 18 years old doing beer bongs in the hotel lobby. Simple Session it self is on a whole other lever than any other contest. It takes place in a huge arena full of fans. Riders from all over the world come to ride and party their balls off. I met a lot of dudes I’ve never heard of. And lots of guys I’ve always wanted to meet.

The course was amazing and the people Running the contest were awesome as well. Basically, you ask for it. You got it. Even the guys who drove us to the contest every day were awesome.

On the way back Kachinsky and I had a lay over in Amsterdam again. This time we had six hours. Enough time to head into town and kick it for a little. Kym Grosser came with us to chill. We hung out in a small coffee shop and enjoyed things. That ended the trip just right for me. Over all it was the most fun I’ve had in 2009 thus far. And I plan to make it back next year.



BOOTLEG Tony Malouf BSD WEB from John O’Connor on Vimeo.

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