4 lb. frame, Dheres, and Greenville


I caught up with James foster, still recovering from a broken ankle while jumping a house, this is what he had to say:


Tell everyone about your new frame and how the name came about for it?

Well, the frame completely obliterates every other bike in the universe. It weight 4 pounds, (with no holes in it.) has removable brake mounts, gyro mounts and cable hangers, and has the best geometry of any bike I’ve ridden. (74.75 ht, 13.75 rear end center to center.) The name is a tribute to one of my best friends who died two years ago, who went by the alias triple threat. If you want to get a double entendre out of the name, then it also has something to do with the fact that I was the first person to pull a triple whip.

So Daniel Dheres is your teammate now, Are you gonna have to show him how to ride dirt and is he riding your frame?
Dhers is awesome, but he’s going down like the Hindenburg. He’s riding some squished frame right now, and I guess he’s getting his own model.

You wrecked awhile ago, how has the recovery been and what do you do to kill time?
It’s been a ridiculously long painful frustrating recovery, but according to the doctor everything is going well, and I will be allowed to start walking in a few weeks. I’ve actually moved into a new house in Greenville, which is amazing because it has enough space for all my cars and stuff and a sweet two car garage to work on stuff in. I’ve been playing video games, doing physical therapy, and planning my attack.

I hate being hurt, and I love bmx more than ever and can’t wait to get back on my bike. Still riding for Fusion energy, KHE, and UGP of course.


Here are some videos from last year, enjoy…

James Foster at the 2008 AST Dew Tour Panasonic open in Baltimore, MD from James Foster on Vimeo.

James Foster at the 2008 AST Dew Tour Toyota Challenge in Salt Lake City from James Foster on Vimeo.

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