Rye Airfield Jam, snow, no handers, toy soilders


_mg_9097Brian Hunt wanted to re-do Rye Airfield and make it more like a Super-Park. A crew worked for weeks on fixing and changing the course to suit bikes better, it worked. Almost everything was bowled in or fast as hell. They added a massive curved wall on the back of the vert ramp, made some turkey tail thing and flowed amazingly next to the deck spine, and brought back the box jump to box jump style course. Mr. Hunt killed it as usual and did the best trick of the comp, a fufanu on the massive vert wall, congrats.

img_2699Tony Cardona showed up and was training his feet to be more like his hands. Not sure why, but he also was sharpening his pinky toenail so it was like a weapon. Don’t get into a footsy fight with him or he will scratch you BAD. Someone thought it would be funny to spray paint everyone’s bikes the night before the comp, and Tony’s feet too. Before that his feet were green, black is way better color. Good luck on your training….

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img_2695Thanks to: Bo for inviting me to judge and enjoy some freezing weather with some snow, Rye Airfield and Brian Hunt for a sweet Jam (its gonna be huge next year), to all the caterers that fed us all weekend long, John Ludwick for picking me up and showing me around and getting me to the airport on time, Piranha water for tasting good in the cold New Hampshire weather, Catfish for making even the tightest most uptight parents laugh from BMX, all mustaches around the world. And last but not least thanks to all the little toy soldiers that get flushed down toilets… Merry xmas ya’ll




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