News From Ludwick

Ludwick. Photo by Jake Geisel
After making the 25 hour drive to Florida from NH, we were in town for the Baco jam, which, in my opinion, gets better each year. We got in on Thursday & got a chance to ride with Nick Mahoney & Joel P. Friday we had the UGP team lunch/photo shoot at the design office, seriously had so much fun hanging out with friends I hadn’t seen in a while, & getting to see all the awesome dudes (& girl) working with UGP, such an awesome group of people.

Baco went off without a hitch, then my friend Jesse & I headed to Tampa to spend a couple days with Matt Coplon & hang out at Profile. on the drive home from Tampa, we lost our transmission in my Jetta in NC. 5th gear was blown right out of it & we somehow managed to make it to Richmond, VA to crash with Jeff Harrington.

The next morning I got my car to a garage who told me what I already knew, car had no hope of making it home & it was going to cost more than I had to fix it. We prayed, put tranny fluid in it (even though it would leak right out haha) & headed for NH. Making a long story short from there, we made it back home by a miracle driving from VA to NH in 4th gear doing about 50mph. It was a tough, scary drive through the night/following day haha.

I want to thank Chad & everyone at UGP for all of their help & being amazing people. I hope to be back down in Orlando again real soon, especially since we’ll have snow on the ground up here real soon. Here are a few photos from a session at rye the other day & one from 4seasons this past July.

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