Dan Sieg Belated News

So I’ve been on the road for quite some time now (since September 26th) and it has been more than exciting. The shows themselves are whatever… so so. It’s the stuff that happens in between that makes a school show tour like this pop off. I started off with my roommate JC Knecht and we headed up to Woodward at the end of September. He had never been there before so we went a few days early to get some riding in.

From there we jumped in the truck and started the tour along with a skateboarder from Jersey. Now this is my first tour ever being the responsible manager type and I was a little big skeptical of what was to come. When I say responsible I mean I’m the one who is in charge of driving, announcing, the two others on the team, booking hotels, talking to reps and basically everything that comes along with being on the road. Almost two months into the tour now… and I’m happy to report all has gone extremely well. Just a few days ago we put on our 10,000th mile of the trip. After doing the math … that comes out to 222 miles a day we’ve averaged since we left. CRAZY!!

We have weekends off so most of them have been spent driving late on Friday so we can have an entire Saturday off somewhere that doesn’t suck. So far our stops on the weekends have been Greenville once, Cincinnati for the ASA event, My dad’s place in northern Wisconsin, Penn State and Cleveland. Currently I am in West Virginia… not my favorite state but there are still ones I dislike more. haha. We had today off because it snowed so much last night that school was cancelled. Got to sleep in so we weren’t complaining.

I’m out the rest of this week as team manager and then starting next week I’ll be out with a different team through mid December. Then some time off to chill with the family some more in Wisconsin. Come home to Greenville the day after Christmas then down to St. Thomas on Janurary 1st for a week’s vacation. Cannot wait to say the least. I have pictures to send but they will come in a seperate email since I no longer have a laptop and just my phone to get online with. I’m at the Holiday Inn Express business center typing this up as we speak. haha.

Hope all is well out there in the BMX world… if it’s snowing and too cold to ride, I’m sorry to hear. Find a barn and build some ramps! Or just take your bike down your local sledding hill like I used to do all Winter long to pass time. Word up!!

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