Rider from up North in the Cold

Dan Kruk. Photo by Jake Geisel.

Dan Kruk is a good friend of Dan Sieg, he has been running our clothes for some time now, this is what he had to say:

“Here in Milwaukee winters suck real bad and it is getting way too cold to ride street. Yesterday while I was ice picking that rail, it was 39 degree’s outside! I fell on my hand and it was gushing blood but I couldn’t feel it because my hands were so numb! As for winter sessions, I am forced to ride the 2 parks we have in Milwaukee, 4 Seasons and National Skatepark.

“I really wish I had some way to travel where its warm, but I’m only 14, sucks. Hopefully winter will be fast so I can get back to riding street! There might be a lil’ park edit of me some time in the future so look out for that. Now I’m off to school, and it’s starting to be the only place warm and fun besides the skatepark. Well, thats it for me. See you at the skatepark!!!”

[Photo by Jake Geisel]

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