Kyle goes in circles and wins

This was why I didn’t make it to Baco this year: OWC’s 6th annual Slider Spectacular. My dad and sister drove up for the event, with Maggie placing third in her division going against both guys and other gals. I placed first overall in Pro/Outlaw Wakeskate, also taking one of three best trick categories. There is a little video on Alliance Wakeskate covering majority of my division, but don’t be fooled by what is labeled as my “best trick”, it’s not even the right trick.

The second to last pic is of my little buddy, Kyle, from Plant City. I gave him one of my old skates so that he doesn’t have to wakeboard all the time. He is the future of wakeskating. Go team!

*edit* The last pic is from wakeskating’s biggest fan, David Lollar.

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