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I recently came back from a week in Buffalo, New York finishing filming for my section in the Sunday Bikes video that’s due out early ‘09. The weather was a little cold, but the good spots to ride made up for it. I was able to ride Jim Cielencki’s shop’s warehouse ramps. That was a good time. I’d love to have something like that to ride in the winter. During my stay I went up to Rochester, NY to ride in the Red Bull Trick Or Treat Jam. The contest was a lot of fun and I ended up finishing top 10 out of 40 or so pro riders.

Karl Poynter tireslide, Buffalo NY

In other news, my brother and I have been riding our 26″ bikes on our local mountain bike trail that’s 10.5 miles long around a lake. It’s been a lot of fun! Here are some photos to check out!

treerideRed Bull finalsTrick or Treat Jam

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