Autograph Signing in Tampa Mall

Matt and Chad signing autographs

autographsMark and myself did a mall autograph signing this past Nov. 8 in a Tampa mall. The reaction from security was insane. “You’re not bringing your bike in here”. So we did anyway and did a flat demo in the store—that’s right, Mark did a flat demo. Well he did 360s and some roll backs, but there wasn’t much room for me to do much more.

autographsThey cleared some t-shirt racks aside and we went at it with some skaters. Kinda weird, like all the shows I do, but the store is sweet. Check the pics, they have a wave rider that is fun as hell. Indoor wakeskating. So if you like the mall, like chicks, like to get wet, and don’t mind crashing and turning into a water canon, go check it out (only in Orlando and Tampa for now).

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