Top 10 uses for DK’s Random Wrench v2

The other day I got the Random Wrench v2, the second generation of the already useful all in one BMX tool. I was pretty happy with the first one but this latest creation is the best thing since space exploration (or sliced bread? or tagless t-shirts?). This thing does everything…i mean everything. It’s the WD-40 of BMX tools. Here’s proof:

Top 10 uses for DK’s new Random Wrench:

#10 Gardening: For all you green thumbs out there, this one’s for you! From planting to pruning to repotting. This is all you need.

#9 Elegant glassware: When you want to sit down, unwind and have a nice glass of wine but don’t want to sacrifice your masculinity with a sissy glass. Classy yet macho.

For the rest of the list, head over to the post at Ride BMX.

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