Kyle’s Halloween Update

Melissa and I got the whole dressing-up-for-Halloween-thing out of the way last Friday, not that I don’t like to wear costumes and such, but I just don’t think it’s in the cards tomorrow. Melissa’s boss (Batman – his brother, back right, was Flash) invited us and some other coworkers of hers to a Halloween party/charity benefit at Luxautica, the ultimate exotic car club/gallery, in front of the Millenia Mall. I was a fair pie-eating champion, and Melissa was a cherry pie. My Elephant mesh hat complimented my outfit perfectly. Don’t you wish your Halloween entourage was a awesome as this? Anyways, Chris from N’SYNC hosted the party with another 40% of the former boy band. Along with other famous people and some neat costumes (including full-grown men in Teletubbie suits) were a slew of exotic cars that are worth more than your life. My favorite was the polished aluminum Bugatti (I think it was a Veyron?).

The day after Halloween is the 6th annual Slider Spectacular (not to be confused with Chad’s sliders) at OWC, which my sister and I plan to compete in. The Saturday after that, November 8th, is another rail contest/benefit hosted by Erie Surfboards in New Smyrna beach. Two weeks after that is another rail contest by Jacksonville, hosted by Pirate Wake & Skate. Looks like November is all booked up for me. Oh, and Happy Halloween.

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