James Foster House Jump Update

James Foster: Part man, part machine....So, [James Foster] has been out on an injury that happened while he was recording a crazy stunt jump in Germany, and here’s how the whole thing got started, in his words:

“Basically I got an email from Thomas Goring earlier this year, asking if I wanted to jump a house for a German TV show. So I said sure why not. Well a few months later, I think it was in May, They flew me out to Germany to do a test jump, for the TV producers to see that it could be done or whatever. The lip is 10 feet tall with a 15 ft. transition, and basically the whole back side of the roof is the landing, so it wasn’t very difficult to clear, you just need a ton of speed to get over it, so they had a guy towing me with a quad.”

Read his whole story on how his leg ended up like this at The Come Up. It’s a long but sweet story. VitalBMX has pics from the jump that caused this injury too.

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