Freimuth enjoying the last few moments of warm weather

Thompson on quarterpipeYo, just thought I’d check in. Just been enjoying the last couple weeks of warm weather. We had a 3rd birthday party for Thompson… Grandpa got him started on the quarterpipe a little earlier than I did. I went down to 4 Seasons Milwaukee a couple weeks ago.

Shot some photos and got a gash on my arm. Octoberfest was last week in Appleton. Mike Hautanen and Andy Kent both came up with their ladies to enjoy some BMX and outdoor music and beer. Patie and I ended up with mustaches in the morning…what’s new?

Jeff KAnd last weekend I drove down to meet everyone at Midway Skatepark near Fon Du Lac, Wisconsin for a jam. Jaimy Sprietzer showed up along with a good size crew from Milwaukee, including Jeff K who did some tricks for my camera. Overall a great day… good skatepark, food on the grill, a football to throw around, and some road sodas for the ride home.

bloody arm
googleeyesAlso I wanted to warn all of Orlando that I’ll be down there 3 times in the next month and a half. Once to Judge Dew Tour finals, again over Halloween for Baco, and then the end of November for a well deserved vacation with the family! And Wann! Just so you know I’m not bringing any presents for you unless I hear straight from Chad that you’ve been a good boy!!! see you all soon.

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