Baker Checking In

[Adam Baker] sent this over, guess he is on a street mission for the S+M video, can’t wait! Stay in touch Adam. —Chad D
Hello UGP fans! With less then a month to finish the new S and M video I have been trying get all those last clips. This last weekend I made a trip to Tucson. The start of the trip started with high hope and the thought that there would be a ton of stuff to ride. Day one started out good for a moment then I got a flat. After walking miles and miles I found a bike shop and thought that we were good to go.
Nope. Once we were a far away form the bike shop Tyler, friend and filmer got a flat. At this point I had had enough, rode back to my car, picked him up and called it a day. The next day went a lot better found some good stuff and a fun wall ride. Here are some photos. Have fun out there!

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