ASA in Ohio

ASA Ohio
So, here’s what everyone had to say about ASA in Ohio….

ASA“Hey there kids!!! We had the ASA contest go down this weekend in Ohio/Kentucky. Had a wonderful time! I had a gun pulled on me, my car damn near blew up, and I watched people get hit with apples thrown from the roof of our hotel. Always a good time. Getting ready to hit up the Dew Tour Finals in Orlando next week, Should be awesome. Shakka bra!” — Catfish

ASA Ohio“Brumlow asked me to judge in Ohio for some ASA thing. First off I thought it was all inline, then Dave told me it was just vert. Told him to count me in. Didn’t realize how many riders show up, guess 10 grand for 1st will bring out some fools. Along with vert they had two box jumps and a quarter. Darden killed it and did the last one backwards, high five Rob. Spinner close second, and Zach got 3rd. The ASA really treated us well with a party planner to make sure we had rides everywhere and drinks in both hands. Catfish did his best strip club announcer impression and did stand up all night long. The hotel hated us and a few employees quit. Ohh well. Hopefully they don’t know about the roof sessions so we are allowed back next year. This was a good quick weekend, some ridaz, some drinkaz, and some ohioz” — Chad DeGroot


party bus“So the ASA contest was straight amazing. I hadn’t been to one in years and I’m glad I was around for this one. Real laid back but at the same time had a “big contest” feel to it. So I guess it was the best of both worlds. Between the ramp set up, VIP rooms, awesome catering, and downtown party buses… Everyone in attendance had an awesome time. Thanks to everyone who made it so good. Oh and congrats to Darden and the upset! I’ll be at the next one for sure. Word up!!” — [Dan Sieg]


ASA“Just got home from the ASA comp. Ended up going as a judge. From Dan Sieg banging a brain surgeon to [Catfsh] chilling in luggage storage to pretty much free drinks all weekend the trip was a hit. Somewhere in between the parties and hotel mayhem there a box jump and vert contest. The next ASA event is in Seattle and hopefully that will be as good as this one” — [Dave Brumlow]

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