Karl Poynter Interview

Karl Poynter

Name: Karl Quentin Poynter
Age: 20
Height, Weight: 5′10″, something around 145-155 lb
Years Pro: I started entering Pro contests when I was around 15 years old…
Hometown? New Castle, IN
Current residence? New Castle, IN
Married?/Kids? I’ve been in a relationship with my girl Kailey for 5 years now.

Clothes Sponsor: UGP
Shoe Sponsor: Beloe Footwear
Bike Sponsor: Sunday Bikes, The Shadow Conspiracy
Other Sponsors: Hardcore Sportz, which is a shop owned and operated by my brother Kyle and I which carries BMX, skate, paintball, music, clothing, and footwear. The Last People which is a online magazine devoted to BMX and art culture.

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Karl Poynter\'s shop


I find it difficult and a little akward to write about myself. I’m just a kid that’s been riding bikes for a long time. I like to enjoy life and have as much fun as possible with the ones I love.


How do you fit into your sport? (Films or Contest?)
I get a lot of enjoyment from filming for a video part. Video parts really gives you the chance to create something from your riding in an artistic way. Contests are a lot of fun as well.

Latest contest finish you’d like to discuss? Placement?
Red Bull Down and Dirty event in New Jersey. I ended up finishing 3rd. Simpel Sessions contest in Estonia. I made the finals and finished 15th out of around 100 pros.

What’s the contest or event you’re looking forward to attending next?
Baco Jam and hopefully attending the Simpel Sessions contest for a second time.

Who’s your biggest influence getting you started?
Definitely my brother Kyle. I say this a lot and I’ll say it again, I owe it all to my brother. Thanks bro! I love ya.

Karl Poynter


What was your first and how did you land it?

Actually my first real film project was shooting a commercial for Mervyn’s Department Store out in L.A. when I was around 13 years old. I was the stunt kid for the commercial. It was definitely a cool experience and I hope more of those come along because that was some good and easy money.

My first full section in a video was in Shook It’s On when I was 17 years old. Aside from that I’ve been in several video magazines (Props, Soul, and so on) for contests, roadtrips, etc. I also filmed a web video for a feature on The Last People, along with various other web videos for other sponsors and sites. I’ve been working on some other filming projects for the past couple of years.

Favorite (most talked about) film part? And why?
Kids usually bring up my Shook It’s On video part.

Most recent or upcoming film part and details?
The Sunday Bikes and The Shadow Conspiracy videos should be out sometime in 08, which I will have full sections in both DVDs.

Karl and his girlfriend


What are the 2 biggest events of your career and your thoughts on why each was so memorable?
Getting national number 1 in racing BMX when I was 12 years old. This era of BMX was some of the best times for me. My brother and I would travel as much as we could to all of the races. I have a lot of good memories from back then.

Making the cover of Ride BMX Magazine.

What excites you most about your sport right now? (EG: Events, Direction of sport? New Techniques, Parks, Contests, Riders to watch?)
Personal progession in riding bikes and the amount of fun I’m having with it.

Karl Pointer and Adam Banton


Do you have any signature products, describe them?
I’m currently working on a signature product with UGP that should be available very soon. I will also have signature color way frame coming out with Sunday Bikes soon as well. My Shadow seat is out now and an all new design is underway. I also have a signature free coaster hub in the works with Shadow as well.


What movie do you have to have on DVD?
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the original)
What show do you have to TIVO?
None, I don’t watch much TV.
What’s your hugest pet peeve?
Men in sandals and women with bad feet. Ha-ha
Another sport you would like to master?
I play paintball a lot.

Karl paintballing

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