Karl Gets a Black Bike

Karl\'s black bikeI recently built up a new black Sunday frame, fork, and bars with Shadow parts. The last time I had a black bike was probably close to 10 years ago. My new bike also features my signature free coaster from Shadow. Testing on my hub has been going well. Look for my hub “the Definitive” sometime early ‘09.

Street Jam
Street JamHardcore Sportz, a shop my brother and I do, recently hosted a Bicycle Street Jam. We rode a series of street spots, had a long jump contest, foot down contest, gave tons of product out, and had a real good time. Thanks to the 100 riders who came out and had fun. We already have more events like this in the works. Keep checking our site, and look for myspace bulletins. Also, we’ll have a web video from the jam filmed and edited by Chris Mahaffey coming soon!

Holland Tunnel
Karl PoynterI just got back from Props Mega Tour. I was on the QBP Distribution team representing Sunday Bikes, Beloe Footwear, and UGP. The majority of the trip was in NYC and the last stop was in New Haven, Connecticut. The trip was a lot of fun and the vegetarian restaurant we ate at every day in the city was the best! Look for a Props trailer for the next Mega Tour video in the near future. Sorry for the lack of photos from my Mega Tour trip.

I fly out tomorrow for Interbike in Vegas. I’ll be back will photos from that trip soon.

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