Dan makes $10 and does front flip barspins

Dan gets ten bucks
So the last couple months haven’t been as crazy as the first months of Summer but they have most definitely been busy. Couple of Dew Tours, a couple demos and shows and a few days spent at home in Greenville. Dew Tour Portland was a good time. Always a treat to spend a few days up in the Northwest. Good times for sure. While there I rode as much as I could and attended a few after parties.

Sieg and coOne of which was the Nike party which was held at the Nike warehouse. The best part about this night is that I mentioned Brett Favre and the whole Jets thing to Dennis McCoy and apparently it triggered something in his memory… that being, he supposedly owed me 10 dollars from a bet I never knew we had. I guess we had bet on a Chiefs/Packers game last season and the Packers won…. which means I won 10 dollars from him. Dennis is an honest man! It was a good weekend… stayed on Allan Cooke’s tour bus, ate Chipotle and rode my ass off. Good times for sure.

setting up ramps
setting up rampsNext up was home for a bit to celebrate my birthday. We had a mini video premiere/birthday at my house and a bunch of people showed up (see pics.) So that was fun. Nothing too wild… just a bunch of dudes and a few girls sprinkled in. Typical BMX party to say the least. After my birthday week, I had to head over to Sioux Falls, SD for a demo there. Jeremy Fanberg and I flew in a day early so we could build the ramp. It was cheaper to fly in and build a ramp from scratch than it was to drive a ramp all the way up from NC. So that is exactly what we did. 6 foot tall lip with a 10 foot deck… and only 8 feet wide.

SiegLooked kind of odd but it sure rode amazing. 3 demos on it for some art show and then we peaced out and flew back to NC. Not a bad couple days work. After that I started riding a bunch and dialing some new stuff in. Specifically barspin front flips. Firing them off into resi no problem… so at a contest it should be no sweat. Flew out to SLC for the 4th stop of Dew and it was awesome. Awesome weather and an awesome venue. Salt Lake is always a good time aside from those crazy Utah folk. Anyway… did a few barspin fronts in practice and pulled them all relatively clean.

SiegThen come contest time…. I looped out and fell. GREAT. Got up and finished my run, which wasn’t half bad. So I go for it again second run and fired it out as dialed as can be. Two tricks later… hung up a little on a step up jump…. 10 feet to my face, head and shoulder…. again… see picture. Oh well… so that was my weekend. But regardless of a couple crashes I still feel it was a success! That night Eddie from 50/50 took everyone up to Layton, Utah to go go cart racing and that was a treat… booze, rowdy bmxers and go carts make a recipe for a mess. A good mess I guess you could say.

Now I’m back home in Greenville about to head to the unit to start a little project. Should be good, but I’m keeping it on the DL for the time being. I will let all you guys know how it turns out!! Watch for the video on Vital hopefully coming soon. If all goes well at least.

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